Being a member of a maritime family for many generations with a profound knowledge of the ocean is what motivated Salvador Vidal, Lorenzillo’s founder, to develop a visionary idea of constructing a lobster farm off the coast of Punta Sam, just across Isla Mujeres. This idea was responsibly carried out just months after hurricane Gilberto struck the shores in 1988. these facilities which are unique in Mexico stated with a very modest capacity but today hold more than 20,000 organisms. Read more...

The Farm carries out many different functions, the most important being the revaluation of the local Lobster species (Panulirus Argus), thanks to Lorenzillo’s commercialization of the live species which takes advantage of the totality of the specimen, thus increasing its value, given that in the past, only the lobster’s tail was used, meaning a greater economic waste for the fishing community.

By limiting the Farm’s reception to organisms weighing over 1 kilo, a faster reproduction of the species is achieved because these lobsters have passed through different reproductive stages. In the past, the young animals that were caught, couldn’t reach such stages for natural reasons. The Farm’s most important contribution is the development of a fishing technique using traps. This system has prevented a significant number of accidents bye decompression among deep sea divers, because now what descends to the depths of the ocean is the art of fishing and not men. The rewards are the preservation of human life as well as tranquility and safety for the families in the fishing communities.

It’s important to mention that all of the above sparked the development of a better, more serious and responsible, fishing culture, because fishermen are more aware of the importance of all these actions for the preservation of the species.

These beautiful facilities are located in km. 4 of the ancient, colorful road that leads to Punta Sam.



The legend states that on May 18th, 1683 a pirate by the name of Lorenzillo and his companion, Agramont, went ashore at “La Villa Rica de la Veracruz” on the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 900 miles west of Cancun. The pirates had been at sea for months and were tired of eating salted fish. Read more...

Knowing that they could eat in a good restaurant in Veracruz they could not wait to go ashore. Much to the dismay of the towns people the pirates were not satisfied with the culinary delights of the restaurant, and, in retaliation, they plundered the city and killed a few members of the upper crust of society.

In 1979, 296 years after this merciless attack, the name of the famous Lorenzillo was hung the doorway of the first Chaine of fine restaurants offering the best selection from the seven seas. The restaurant was opened as a preventive measure to avoid repeating the history… Hide

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